New Year, New Saga?

Vol 7. cover (Alana and Marko)

By now everyone has settled into the new year, but there’s still one more thing we need to talk about. “Saga.” A science-fiction graphic novel about a forbidden love between Alana, from Landfall and Marko, from Wreath. With their planets at war, this pair isn’t exactly what we’d call “Made for each other.” Just about everyone in the galaxy is looking for them and their baby girl Hazel. 

“I had multiple favorite characters,” sophomore Lillie Replogle, an avid reader of the series, said. “The Stalk would be the first that comes to mind because of her cool character design, which is also why I love Prince Robot.”

While some people love the more obvious character choices.

“I love Marko,” sophomore Billie Jennings said. “He’s sweet and a really good dad.”

With an ever-changing setting and relatable characters, “Saga” makes for an intense, but none-the-less joyful read

“My favorite character was Petrichor,” junior Jackson Newton said. “She was cool, then unbearable, but she got better. She had good development and was just flat out hilarious.”

The series was started by author Brian K. Vaughan and artist Fiona Staples in 2012. To date, there are nine volumes filled with fifty-four issues. The last volume was released on Oct. 2, 2018. That seems like a really long time, maybe because it is, but for reason. 

“I definitely hope there’s a new one this year,” Replogle said. “But I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t, I’m used to authors letting me down. Though I really want to see Alana and Hazel find out and process Marko’s death.”

Fact: there will be another volume, one, because of that cliff hanger, and the ominous blank page saying “To be continued…”

Plus, Brian and Fiona have already said “Saga” will end with issue 108, and at the moment there are only 54.

Entertainment Weekly asked Vaughan and Staples if it was a good idea to go on hiatus after such an impactful cliffhanger. Here’s an excerpt from their interview: 

EW: Saga has always thrived on cliffhangers like this, but now it feels like you’ve outdone yourselves with this one. What are you hoping people to feel after reading issue #54? Why does it feel right to take a hiatus now?

BRIAN K. VAUGHAN: I’m still processing how I feel about it myself. I think it’s part of the reason that we felt we’re gonna need to give everyone some time to digest this. But it’s a little easier for Fiona and me, in that we always knew from the beginning this is Hazel’s story that we’re setting out to tell. It’s difficult when Hazel’s just an infant because she’s a character with no agency and basically just a lump getting carried around, so it’s very much Marko’s and Alana’s story at the beginning. But we knew this point would come, where there would be an uncomfortable transition to really make it clear that this is Hazel’s story and her parents are a part of the story. But like for all of us, sadly, they’re not a permanent part of that story.

FIONA STAPLES: Saga‘s plot building to this climax happens to coincide with my own feelings of mild burnout. It took seven years to get the story to this point and being under intense deadline pressure nearly the whole time was starting to wear me out. I also experienced a lot of loss and change in my life this year, and Saga‘s increasingly heavy themes began to hit close to home! It felt necessary to take a step back and let the book and ourselves breathe for a bit.” (Link to article and Q+A)

Well, there’s no exact date set yet, but estimates publication for a new issue sometime this year, so if you haven’t read the series yet, time to get a move on boys. You can buy “Saga: Volume 1″through this link if you’d like to get started now: