New club formed for Korean culture appreciation


Photo Submitted by Donae Craven

At Broken Arrow High School, there are many different clubs which students can join according to their interests. Along with all the current clubs, lots of new clubs are being made. One of these new clubs is K-Pop Club, which is a club for students who have an interest in Korean culture. History teacher Dorene Christiansen is the sponsor for the club.

“This is a club where students of all backgrounds who have an interest in K-Pop (Korean) music, fashion, food, and dramas come together and discuss info and news about these activities,” Christiansen said.

Senior Omolola Akeredolu is one of the students who joined K-Pop Club to learn more about the Korean culture and lifestyle.

“We listen to K-Pop music, watch dramas, and listen to news about the K-Pop industry,” Akeredolu said. “It’s awesome to be able to learn about a different and interesting way of life.”

Any students can join, and the club meets on Thursday mornings and after school in D254, which is Mrs. Christiansen’s room.

“If you are interested in K-Pop or Asian music, movies, tv programs, food, fashion, or history, you should join this club,” Christiansen said. “This club has a very diverse group of people who share the same interests.”

Mrs. Christiansen has a lot of things planned for the club all throughout the year.

“We are going to watch videos, discuss news events, and we even have plans to go to Korean store or restaurants,” Christiansen said. “There is also some discussion about taking a study trip to South Korea.”

Junior Donae Craven is also in K-Pop Club and is learning more about the Korean and Asian cultures.

“My favorite part of K-Pop Club is the closeness and openness our club gives,” Craven said. “I also love that we can watch K-dramas and listen to music.”

For more information about K-Pop Club, or to join K-Pop Club, visit Mrs. Christiansen’s room in D254. The next club meeting will be on Thursday, Nov. 8.