Media students attend first annual Thunder Workshop

For the first time, the Yearbook and Newspaper classes took a field trip to Oklahoma City on Nov. 28. The group attended the OKC Thunder Yearbook and Media Workshop, as well as watched the Thunder vs. Cavaliers game. The Yearbook and Newspaper adviser, Ashley Spencer, organized the trip and thought it was a great learning experience for everyone there.

“We attended the first ever OKC Thunder Yearbook Workshop, which included speakers from the Thunder staff that contributed photography, advertising, and marketing expertise to the Thunder organization,” Spencer said. “I hope that the students will come away from the workshop motivated to learn more about journalism. I also hope they will have a great time and make some new yearbook friends.”

The workshop offered many benefits for students, with three guest speakers from the Thunder Media staff: Nick Gallo, (Digital and Broadcast Reporter), Kaitlyn Loyd (Advertising Coordinator), and Zach Beeker (Team and Getty Photographer). Each presenter shared their journey to where they are and tips for students who are hoping for similar careers in their futures. They each had different experiences and perspectives on how to be successful.

“My favorite part of the trip was being able to learn how to work better and more efficiently in yearbook and newspaper,” senior Eli Albaugh said. “The guest speakers were very insightful on what the main points of photography and journalism are, which is to focus on the people. Learning what to work and concentrate on while writing stories and taking pictures was very helpful, and I hope to put the new knowledge that I have gained to good use.”

This trip was beneficial to the group as a whole. They hope to include the ideas they learned to make a better yearbook for this upcoming year, as well as improve their stories in Newspaper.

“Being able to hear others speak and share their ideas on how they were successful was very helpful,” senior Payton Shreve said. “This is going to help us develop a better yearbook each year. It was also really fun to go to a Thunder game with everyone.”

Spencer hopes to take the Yearbook and Newspaper staff again next year, so they can continue to grow and improve each year.