Maier masters skateboarding

Jumping off of rails and skating up hills might not be an ordinary idea of fun and excitement, but for junior Ethan Maier, it is. Maier has been skating since the age of nine, and the sport became a part of his every day life at an early age. He realized this was his lifestyle and dropped football and other hobbies to focus on skating.

“I decided to pursue skateboarding over any other sport because I know wherever I end up, I will have done it all by myself,” Maier said.

Maier has spent days upon days practicing and improving his skills. He’s made his own rails and ramps, breaking multiple boards and ripping jeans just to improve and accomplish the tricks he has set out for himself. He talks about how skating teaches him to push himself to go bigger and get better.

“To me an incomplete stunt or trick is only a reminder to try harder and keep trying until I succeed,” Maier said.

Maier has pulled off numerous tricks in his time, with his greatest one being a front smith front shove. After failing multiple times, and falling on his face for over thirty minutes straight, he finally accomplished this stunt, with adrenaline racing through his body.

Many have dreams of growing up and being like Tony Hawk, Ryan Sheckler, Nyjah Huston, and others, but for Maier his inspiration is Jamie Foy. Foy has been named Skater of the Year by Deathwish, and has many first place finishes in major events.

“Jamie Foy has been a role model of mine since I started skating, because he goes all out and does what he loves,” Maier said.

Elijah Parks, who has been skating with Maier for five years, goes skating multiple times a week with Maier at the Nienhuis Skatepark. Since they are striving to achieve the same future, it allows them to push each other to the limit to reach their goals.

“Accomplishing goals and pushing each other to do bigger and better things has helped our friendship grow,” Parks said.

The feeling that Maier gets when he skates is the reason that he keeps going back.

“The feeling of skating is so indescribable that it is almost impossible to explain,” Maier said. “I feel free, happy, angry, and scared. I feel everything when I skate.”

Maier plans to skate for all his life, as long as it brings him joy and is a creative outlet.