‘Logan’ gives ‘X-Men’ series a grand finale

Logan gives X-Men series a grand finale


From director James Mangold “Logan”, featuring Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Patrick Stewart as Professor X, continues to blow up the box office earning $524 million since its release earlier this month. Capping off the expansive X-Men series the emotional drama covers the end of Jackman’s Wolverine and original plot line. The film takes place in 2029, long after a cure is discovered and forced on the mutant populations. Logan is protecting Professor X outside of the United States with a fellow mutant. However, amidst their aging struggles, Logan is approached with the obligation of escorting one of the last mutants alive into a sanctuary in Canada.

After years of antagonization and hardship, the mutants are banished from society and forced to live in secrecy. Logan hides out with Professor X, former headmaster and leader of the X-Men alongside rogue mutant, Caliban, working somewhere in Texas and worrying about the Professor’s aging and development of Alzheimer’s. It soon becomes apparent that Logan himself is aging in a direction that points towards the end of Wolverine. At this dreadful time, Logan is asked to take a young girl across the border to Canada into safety as she is one of a small group of mutants left alive. The film essentially takes over a large existential question for Wolverine’s past and the possibilities of the future.

The first thing instantly recognized and appreciated of the film was that this was not the typical Marvel film, let alone a part of the X-Men franchise. “Logan” showed growing maturity within its dialogue, action and character development. The increased violence on account of some realization of the gory concept that is Wolverine. Moreover, Professor X’s and Logan’s conversations take a dark and reminiscent tone prior to the extinction of mutants. The old glory of the X-Men has retired into decaying in secrecy. Being a cap on the franchise, laid out the finale for Wolverine’s story in the X-Men series. Though not appreciated by the entirety of the fan base it’s hard not to appreciate as the film developing alongside its audience. This film is announced to be Hugh Jackman’s last appearance after almost two decades of Wolverine.
As a plethora of new films are coming into the Marvel Universe as the original X-Men plot is ending. The film might lose some appreciation for those who weren’t fans of the earlier X-men films, but the unique appeal and depth of the film is an adequate reason to watch it. In one raw and distressing spectacle came the perfect ending to the series.