Logan Dolan shoots his way to success


Bre Littlebear

Logan Dolan looks to impress the competition heading into his senior season.

Senior Logan Dolan has been playing basketball since he was four years old when his dad introduced him to the game, and he instantly fell in love with it. Logan has made many friendships and relationships over the years of playing.

“The one thing that makes basketball different from other sports is that action never really stops, it’s always going,” Dolan said. “My favorite thing about playing basketball has to be the connections you make with teammates.”

Logan has played his entire high school career on the Broken Arrow basketball team and hopes to play in college as well, however, he is not yet committed.

“My favorite basketball memory would have to be sophomore year where I came in the fourth quarter against Owasso, scoring fourteen points and hitting the game-winner,” Dolan said.

Since Logan is the only returning player on varsity, he has had to step up into a leadership role this year and mentor the younger players.

“He’s gone from being a role player last year and coming off the bench to being the senior leader all in one big jump and he has handled it extremely well,” Assistant Coach Mike Humphrey said. “Most players get a year before being thrown into that role but he didn’t get one.   He stepped up and took the leadership role on without question and has done a great job. I’ve told the other players that if Logan tells you something…you had better listen. He’s probably the smartest player on the floor and one of the smartest we’ve ever had on the team.”

Logan works hard every day to continue to improve his game and bonds with teammates. This ultimately has built him into a better player, by being more vocal as well as expanding his game into more than just a spot-up shooter.

“Logan has been the voice of reason because he’s the only one that has been through a varsity season,” Head Coach Beau Wallace said. “He impacts the team with the conversations he has with teammates and how he works.”

The boy’s varsity basketball team will be in action on Feb. 15, at 8:00 p.m. in the Tiger Field House.