Latin Club encourages knowledge of the language


Clava ad receperint. (Welcome to the club.)

Heads up, Latin is no longer a dead language thanks to teacher Tori Turner and Latin Club.

“It is not a very big club because it is only open to students who take Latin or have taken Latin,” Turner said. “It helps Latin students get to know other Latin students. This campus is so big that sometimes the kids don’t know others that take this language.”

What the club lacks in size it makes up for in fun and other student activities.

“I joined the Latin club because I love the language and culture,” junior Austin Reans said.

Leaning a new language is a difficult task for any students, however, the club brings together all of the students interested in reviving Latin and creates a positive studying environment.

“It helps students learn Latin,” sophomore Braden Bryans said.

Every spring, the Latin Club takes a trip to Ohio to compete in the OJCL Convention. The Ohio Junior Classical League Convention consists of several competitions for over 800 student attendees. The competitions consist of academic tests, art contests, and creative performances in both English and Latin.

“This is where we go and compete against other Latin clubs across the state,” Turner said. “We are also going to try to encourage other kids to take Latin for the next school year. I want the kids to get out and spread the word that it is a fun language to learn and participate in.”

Students are also encouraged to take up the class and join the club for a better-looking college application.

“It can help students improve their vocabulary in real life,” Reans said.

Those interested in the Latin Club or class can visit with Turner in C102.

“Join the club, it’s the best,” Reans said.