Largest school picture day in Oklahoma history


Ashley Spencer

Sophomore Skylar DeSirey participates in the largest school picture day in Oklahoma history on Sept. 10 with 3,600 other students.

On Sept. 10, students at BAHS hosted the largest picture day in Oklahoma history with 3,600 students photographed.

Lifetouch, the photography company used, did several things to plan for the day. With ample preparation, there were still several challenges to the day.

“Some of the challenges would be enough space for the number of cameras needed, the traffic flow to and from the area, traffic flow at the cameras, accurate students information for cards, enough people and/or cameras to handle the volume, scheduling classes to cameras, and minimizing elements of the job that would take up time,” Lifetouch representative Tim Bowman said.

Seniors were photographed first each hour, using fifteen minutes at the beginning of class in each period, followed by juniors and then sophomores, each taking fifteen minutes of their own.

“Picture Day was really crowded, but it went really well,” sophomore Skylar DeSirey said.

Because picture day takes an entire day, every person involved cooperates with each other.

“Thanks to our flexible teachers and our Lifetouch representative’s careful planning, the day went very smoothly,” said yearbook adviser Ashley Spencer.

The photos taken Sept. 10 will be used for the yearbook this year. If students missed this large event, a retake day will take place on Oct. 23. Pictures from Sept 10 can still be ordered by calling Lifetouch at (918)274-7047.