Kiegan Ryan juggles school and orchestra at a whole new level


Life Touch

Junior Kiegan Ryan has been playing in the Broken Arrow orchestra for 5 years and has made his way to first chair this year. When he is not practicing for orchestra, he is working on homework, because he is currently in five advanced placement classes.

“I started orchestra in the sixth grade because my parents said the trumpet was too loud,” Ryan said.

Senior Jacob Temple has seen Kiegan’s abilities progress and new skill sets form. They have been playing together for two years in the Broken Arrow Chamber Orchestra and the Tulsa Strings Orchestra.

“The most impressive things about Kiegan’s cello skills is his agility and speed while maintaining a clear sound,” Temple said. “In addition to playing the cello, he can also play the violin and viola with respectable proficiency.”

Kiegan takes multiple AP classes while he participates in the school orchestra and an honors orchestra outside of school.

“I juggle honors classes and playing in two orchestras by staying motivated so I can get good grades and continue to be first chair in orchestra,” Ryan said.

Ryan has been either second or first chair all throughout high school, under the instruction of Orchestra Conductor Kim Ricard. Being able to sit in those positions is a huge responsibility, as well as an important leadership position.

“Kiegan has climbed up to that position through his hard work, which makes him a very accomplished player in general,” Ricard said. “He continues to set the bar high for other students.”

With that position, Kiegan has to be a positive influence inside and outside of the orchestra room.

“Kiegan positively affects the orchestra because he is very strong minded and is able to give his section confidence,” Ricard said.

Kiegan plans on continuing his musical and academic career, but he does not know where at yet. He plans to choose a science major and continue to play the cello for the rest of his life.