Join the Environmental Science club to help save our environment

Join the Environmental Science club to help save our environment

The high school offers many different types of clubs and organizations. These include curricular and non-curricular clubs ranging from the Academic Team to the Fishing Club. One curricular club is the Environmental Science Club, whose main focus is cleaning up around campus.

The Environmental Science Club plans and conducts projects to help improve the environment around campus and Broken Arrow. Being in this club teaches students how important it is to take care of the earth, and how to take better care of the environment. Science teacher, Erin Tubolino, became the new sponsor of the club at the start of this year.

“I decided to become the sponsor of this club because I wanted to be a part of helping the students make a difference on campus and around Broken Arrow,” Tubolino said.

Senior Kaitlyn Bell joined the Environmental Science Club at the start of this year. She joined to find different ways to help the environment and fix problems that the community faces.

“My favorite part about this club is when we would fix up the butterfly garden,” Bell said. “We would clean up the garden and plant different types of plants to promote the schools green spaces.”

Senior Grace Harvey joined this club at the start of school year. She joined to help clean up the environment and the campus.

“I love being a part of this club and interacting with my friends,” Harvey said. “Since I joined I have learned the importance of taking care of the earth. I would be a part of this club again because being in it has set higher standards for myself because it has taught me how to help the environment.”

To join this club you can contact Mrs. Tubolino at or visit her in room S122 to learn more about the Environmental Science Club and why it is helping our school and community.