Join Guitar Club


Guitar Club is a club where students interested in playing the guitar can learn more about it. The Guitar Club is comprised of a group of students who know how to play guitar, those who want to learn how to play guitar, and others who want to become better guitar players. The club is run and taught by English teacher Mr. Page, who has experience playing the guitar.

“Guitar Club is just about playing guitar,” Page said. “We don’t have officers, fundraisers, or anything like that, we just come together and play guitar.”

Anyone who wants to join guitar club is able to by showing up to a Guitar Club meeting. Joining the club is a good way to get involved with other students playing the guitar.

“Joining is easy, just show up and play,” Page said. “Guitar Club is a good way to meet other people that play guitar and a great way have fun.”

Senior Grant Jones has connected with other students who have the same interest in playing guitar. The club also has helped him learn more about playing guitar, and gain more experience by playing with other guitarists.

“Guitar Club helps me by connecting me with other guitarists that know more about different things,” senior Grant Jones said. “It also helps me diversify my knowledge about playing guitar.”

Senior Rachel Ciriaco is also in Guitar Club and enjoys the activities that the club participates in, and encourages other students to join.

“Most of what we do in Guitar Club is learning new notes and songs,” Ciriaco said. “If anyone wants to learn more about playing guitar, or wants to learn how to play new songs and better themselves as a guitarist, then they should definitely join.

Guitar Club meets every Thursday after school. To join or learn more information about Guitar club, visit Mr. Page in room D206.