Jeanie Moore and Andy Summers win Teacher of the Year


The two annual teachers of the year are Andy Summers and Jeanie Moore. Winning teacher of the year can be one of the most defining moments in a teacher’s career.

“It feels good to know that peers appreciate the way you go about your business,” Summers said. “I’ve had the privilege to receive guidance from dozens of amazing educators, and this has helped me to become a stronger teacher.”

Both of these teachers worked on building relationships with their students throughout the year. Moore believes that relationship skills are the most important skill a teacher can possess and is one of the main contributing factors in her teaching success.

“My desire to make the next best decision is what helped me accomplish this honor,” Moore said. “I want to go through life in all aspects trying to make the next best choice. I haven’t always made the right decision which means I have also learned from my failures. So as long as I can continue to try and succeed and learn from my failures, I will continue to accomplish what I set my mind to accomplish.”

Summers is proud of receiving this honor, as he has worked hard to make sure his students are succeeding in his classroom, as well as outside of school.

“Mr. Summers deserved teacher of the year because he is very well informed and enthusiastic about what he teaches,” senior Damien Clay said. “He is really involved with his students and includes life lessons in his lectures.”

Besides being announced as teacher of the year, there are many other rewards that come with winning this award.

“The best part about winning is the comments from my former students and colleagues,” Moore said. “Knowing that I made a positive difference in the lives of others is the most rewarding aspect of my career.”

Mrs. Moore and Mr. Summers are now both eligible to be awarded district teacher of the year, which will be awarded at the teacher of the year banquet in the spring.