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Gym Night

What is Gym Night?

Gym Night is an annual school wide choreographed dance competition. Each team has a theme and must choreograph a dance to match their designated theme. The students are randomly placed on either team and are given a couple of Tigettes that are in charge of creating the dance and the music. Each team is designated to a day and practice on that day each week for multiple weeks. The day of Gym Night both teams come dressed in their costumes and ready to perform. In between the two performances, there will be interactive games with the crowd. When it is all said and done; three judges will discuss who they think performed the best and will then be given the Gym Night trophy.


2019: Old School VS. New School

FEBRUARY 18, 2019


Team Old School: Meghan Brown, Bailey Summers, and Hannah Crist

Team New School: Meghan Brown, Ashten Low, and Jonahs Habeck

Bailey Summers- “My favorite part about getting to be a choreographer for gym night is being able to see all the hard work pay off and seeing your ideas come to life.”
Hannah Crist- “It is hard to keep the attention of all 70 people on the team but it is cool to see them dance the whole way through the dance.”
Jonahs Habeck- “I got the opportunity to be a team captain because Mr. Drake approached me asking if I would be willing to lead a team because he knew how much I love this event.”
Meghan Brown- “I decided to choreograph both teams for gym night this year because choreography is one of my big passions and when I was given the chance to do this, I could not refuse.”
Ashten Low- “The most rewarding thing about teaching gym night is seeing how happy everyone gets when they nail a part.”



Previous teams & results:

2018: Nightmare VS. Daydream


2018 Captains

Team Daydream: Hailee Tilton, Meghan Brown, and Skylar Smith

Team Nightmare: Lauren Patton, Madeline Robinson, and Katelyn Klempa


2017: Fire VS. Ice



2016: Black VS. Gold



2015: Candyland VS. Battleship


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