GSA brings the community together



The Gay Straight Alliance club accepts and supports its members.

Gay-Straight Alliance aims to make all members feel included and accepted for who they are. It is a national club that promotes a safe and supportive environment for its members.

English teacher Victoria Chaplin has been the sponsor of GSA for 2 years.

I think it is important to have a place like this in every school and community,” Chaplin said. “Not everyone has a supportive family, so it is great to have an opportunity to form a new family. It is amazing to have a place where you are understood. I don’t know if there is research to support this, but I believe that GSAs can reduce the number of LGBTQ+ suicides because the kids have someone who gets them, and they know they aren’t alone.

Senior Rylee Mellon has been in GSA since her sophomore year.

“I love the fun we have,” Mellon said. “We’re a community of friends and supporters, and we discuss and explain the importance of being who you are, and on top of that, support each other through our own journeys.”

At the meetings, the members discuss important LGBTQ+ issues. Sometimes they do stress-relieving activities such as coloring together, making sparkle jars and watching videos.

“Students should join GSA if they want a place to go where they can be with other like-minded people who understand their struggle with being LGBTQ+ or having friends/family who are part of the community,” Chaplin said. “It is a place where they can feel safe to be themselves without being judged or insulted for who they are.”

Senior Sawyer Dickenson just joined GSA this year, and she believes it is important for her to bond with other people in the community.

“GSA provides a supportive and accepting environment to meet and support others in the LGBTQ+ community,” Dickenson said.

GSA meets every Wednesday in Ms. Chaplin’s room, B264.