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Broken Arrow is hosting the second annual Gym Night on Feb. 22, in the field house on the BA campus. The event is at 7 p.m., and there will be a $5 fee to enter. Gym Night has two teams, Gold team and Black team, competing this year in a dance off and the event is Disney themed. The two teams have been practicing since Jan. 4 and will both be doing a dance routine. Each team has 2 captains and three choreographers.

Senior Savannah Fry is one of the captains of the Gold team and is very excited to see how the event turns out.

“People should attend Gym Night because they get to realize how much of a bond students can create through an event and how fun it can be,” Fry said. “It is a fun experience for students to get involved and have them come together.”

Around 130 students are participating in gym night. One of those students is senior Ashley Bivins. Bivins is on the Black team and is very excited to see if  they can win the Gym Night trophy.

“I think my team is going to win because our dance has a lot of cool stuff in it, and our team takes practice seriously,” Bivins said.

Junior Alexa Martin is one of the three choreographers for the Black team. She had the challenging task to teach over 60 students an eleven minute dance.

“The biggest challenge while choreographing would have to be staying calm with my fellow choreographers and those we’re teaching the dance to,” Martin said. “It’s very easy to get frustrated when things don’t immediately turn out how we want, so we have to keep in mind that there is time to practice and perfect the material.”

The event is open to the public and tickets are available at the door.


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