Freezin’ for a Reason


Football David Alexander takes the first plunge.

Freezin’ for a Reason is a yearly event hosted by the Broken Arrow athletes. To raise money for Special Olympics equipment and uniforms, students jump into a swimming pool in the middle of winter for donations.

“Our Tigette teams jump in every year hand in hand,” Tigette coach Meag Warren said. “While they may be freezing for a few minutes, the impact they are making will last a lifetime. I can’t remember if this is year 5 or 6 for the event but we haven’t missed one.”

While the grand total of money raised goes to Special Olympics, students are participating and fundraising for personal reasons.

“I am fundraising for my brother’s best friend who has autism and Tourettes,” varsity football senior Ryan Chapman said.

At 5 p.m. Jan. 29 at the BA Golf & Athletic Club in 40-degree weather, athletes who have raised $50 and students with a $10 donations will jump into the pool.

“At first I am nervous, but then I jump in and get it over with and it’s breathtaking,” Chapman said.

All students are encouraged to participate to help equip all 3rd through 12th grade Special Olympics athletes. Registration forms must be signed by a parent and can be picked up at the BA Golf & Athletic Club.

“It is a great event and it’s such fun,” sophomore Tigette Ashely Trull said. “It is so worth the time.”