Free ACT given to juniors


Broken Arrow High School announced a new opportunity for juniors, enabling them to take the ACT on March 29 during school, free of charge. This heightens the juniors’ chances of applying and going to college.

The ACT is a standardized test for high school students to take that is required for college admission. In order to take the test, students must register online on the official ACT website to take it at their local high school. Students of all ages can take the test, ranging from sixth grade to high school graduates.

“It is a pilot program that the State Department is offering to our school. It is a great opportunity for all juniors to be able to take the test for free,” English teacher Diana Phillips said.

The ACT is not an inexpensive test to take. The regular ACT costs $39.50 whereas the ACT plus the writing is $56.50. The juniors, however, will not have to pay the fee to take the test. Junior Aylin Facundo thinks this is a great advantage for the students.

“This is going to be beneficial for those who can’t afford the ACT,” Facundo said.

The ACT has been considered as a replacement for EOIs, which are state tests that students in Oklahoma public schools are required to take. Junior Ellyce Hill thinks this would a better system for schools.

“I think that that the ACT would be more fair than doing common core tests because colleges look at your ACT score rather than your state test score,” Hill said.

Phillips considers the act of the ACT replacing state tests as a way for the State Department to save money.

“If we gave the ACT instead of the current EOI tests, our state could save a lot of money and be more responsible with instructional time by giving students one test instead of seven,” Phillips said.