First annual Gym Night brings fun

Team Candyland accepts the trophy from Student Activities Director Jason Jedamski.

Gym Night, a friendly dance competition meant to bring students together, took place on March 30 in the field house on the high school campus. Director of Student Life and Activities Jason Jedamski and leadership students created the event in an effort to bring the student body together. This year was the first time the high school has participated in an event like this.

In Applied Leadership class students were broken up into groups to anticipate new events at BAHS, and this led to the creation of Gym Night. The idea for this event originated in Morrisville, Pennsylvania and has become a tradition for over 61 years at different high schools across the nation.

The Gym Night committee had open sign-ups; they also worked with Tigettes to develop music, choreography, props, decorations, and uniforms for the occasion.

The theme chosen for Gym Night was Candyland versus Battleship.  Each dance team had a separate dance and prop list to go along with their assigned side.

Over 100 students practiced countless hours during the weeks leading up to the event, which was originally scheduled for Feb. 23, but  was rescheduled due to winter weather.

“I really appreciated the kids that signed up and stayed with it,” sophomore Aspen Dixon said. “They worked really hard.”

The goal of the event was to bring students together, as well as include the community.

“I felt that this program finally brought our public school and community together,” senior choreographer and Candyland member Sierra Berryhill said. “This was truly one of the few events designed to ensure school spirit and community outreach at the same time.”

Berryhill was the chair of the Applied Leadership Gym Night Committee.  Sophomore Aspen Dixon worked to choreograph the Battleship dance. Some other students who were involved were Emily Hood, Annie Selman, Savannah Fry, and Alec Allphin.

“I don’t consider this to be the biggest school activity this year, but it is the second most anticipated,” Jedamski said

After a night of friendly competition, loud music and dancing, team Candyland took home the trophy with a close win over team Battleship.