Expand your horizons by learning about new cultures



The Expanding Horizon club poses in the Broken Arrow High School lobby during group photo day.

The Expand Your Horizons Club, sponsored by history teacher Michelle Stoermer, teaches students about the many different cultures in the world in different creative ways.

“Students should join this club to learn about other cultures and to get excited about someday visiting other countries, or just venturing away from Broken Arrow,” Stoermer said.

Each month the students in this club learn about different countries and try different types of international food specific to that country. These activities give students knowledge about different places they normally would not have known. In this club they also play games together to get closer and connect more.

In 2016, 5 sophomores helped create this club when they wanted to learn more about different cultures. Each year they make shirts that have traveling puns on them to inspire others to be creative.

Senior Zoe Stoermer was one of the students who helped create this club and has been in it for 3 years.

“My favorite part of this club is trying all the different foods from other countries,” Stoermer said. “If you are interested in other cultures, countries, and trying different foods, this club can be really interesting. I want to try to find a group that does stuff like this in college so I can continue on learning about other countries.”

Senior Skylee Kelso also helped create this club and has been in it ever since.

“I joined because I love sharing ideas and learning about different cultures,” Kelso said. “I love trying new food from different places and if I could I would definitely join this club again and would recommend for others to join as well.”

The club meets in room D108 on the second Wednesday of each month during second lunch or after school. To join, students can visit Mrs. Stoermer in her room or can just show up to the meetings. Students can also contact Mrs. Stoermer at mstoermer@baschools.org.