Exchange students dine

Exchange students gather for dinner.

Meagan Shrader

Exchange students gather for dinner.

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Melanie Roberson, the psychology and former German teacher known as “Frau” (the German equivalent of Ms.) to her students, hosted a dinner for nine exchange students on the evening of Oct. 4.

Attendees included 4 seniors and 5 juniors. Seniors in attendance were Anna Cathomen from Germany, Julia Guevel from France and Giulia Desai and Sara Selimja, both from Italy. Junior attendants were Emmi Harju from Finland. Michelle Jurgens from Germany, Camilla Stroemberg from Norway, and Pirays (Nam) Khawkhanm and Nattapat Ruanginsup, both from Thailand.

The students conversed about different experiences they have had since they arrived in Oklahoma.

“It is too greasy,” Cathomen said of food here in America.

Most of the girls are used to people in their countries drinking some kind of alcohol with dinner, and found it strange that young people could not do that here, even if they are from other countries.

“Can’t we just have an American night?” Stroemberg said, after hearing different languages spoken around the table.

The girls also had different levels of understanding of English, so Selimja and Guevel, both seniors, frequently spoke Italian to each other.

Another difference the students noted is how social teens are here compared to different countries. It is typical here to finish a school day and go straight home, but in Germany students will spend their after-school hours with friends in the city.

“I am with my friends a lot, but we are usually studying,” Khawkhanm said.

These students from all over the world admit they are a bit homesick, but they are enjoying their year-long stay in America.

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