ESports on campus: New club brings gaming to students

ESports is a new program coming this school year. ESports is a club where competitive gamers can come together and show off their gaming talents. Teacher Tyler Utt is the sponsor of this club.

“I am very excited about Esports club,” Utt said. “Esports is a fast-growing industry, and BA is awesome for hopping on board.”

Utt even plays ESports games himself.

“I played Fortnite when it first developed, but I stopped,” Utt said. “I’ve played Overwatch and League of Legends. I’ve played almost all ESports games.” 

While it’s not in effect this year, within the next two years, Ken Ellett, Director of Student Programs, says that this sport will be a sanctioned OSSAA school sport with an official state championship.

“Anyone can join the team now,” Ellet said. “Eventually tryouts will be held for the OSSAA team.”

This program can even get you scholarships for college.

“Over two-hundred colleges offer scholarships,” Ellet said.

Esports, or as some are calling it “video game club,” is a bit more serious than just playing video games. It’s more interactive and inclusive than other more physical sports.  

“I want to compete,” junior Joshua Walker said. “I like video games, and I am competitive.”

To be a part of this program, sign up with Mr.Utt in room MN108 after school.