Cross country senior Blake McConkay runs through competition in first home meet


Hunter Hall

Blake McConkay runs in a meet at Oneta Ridge.

Broken Arrow Cross Country has started the season successfully with two wins in the first two meets of the season, and Senior Blake McConkay won the first home meet of the season. Blake is in his last year of cross country and he is starting off the season strong.

“It was an amazing feeling to finally win our home meet,” McConkay said. “It has been a goal of mine since I started running freshman year.”  

Coach Shane Messinger, one of the coaches that has worked with Blake, noticed what makes Blake such a good competitor.

“Blake is wise when it comes to our sport,” Messinger said. “If I approach Blake with a racing tactic or idea, he has likely already thought of it. He is an intelligent competitor. Any coach would be glad to have Blake around both as a leader and an athlete.”

To perform well in meets, the cross country team prepared themselves with different workouts and training.

“We prepared for the meet by keeping our mileage and workout intensity high. We’re still early in the season and have a lot more training ahead of us,” McConkay said.

Coach Dean Davis has been working with Blake since middle school and all throughout high school to make sure that Blake is performing well and staying healthy.

“Focusing on goals and not overtraining,” Davis said. “There is a balance in every sport that you want to peak at the right time.”

Coach Messinger also helped Blake work on specific things that would help to improve Blake’s times and skill.

“He always trains with the goal in mind, and that makes him a great example of how to achieve success,” Messinger said. “With Blake, we worked on training and resting around an injury when he had one.”

After winning this first home meet, Blake has set goals for himself and his team throughout the rest of the season.

“For the rest of the season, I would like for my team to qualify for state and have a great performance,” McConkay said. “Personally, I want to break the 16:00’ 5k barrier and place top 5 at state.”

Blake has lots of hard work and practice to do if he wants to meet his high expectations, but his coaches believe he can do it.

“There is no meter to measure the amount of work Blake puts forth towards achieving his goals,” Davis said. “He is an outstanding young man, and I am proud to have been with him during his junior high and high school years as an athlete.”

The cross country team is looking to take home first place for the third meet in a row on Sept. 15, in Sand Springs.