Coloring is therapeutic for students


Ashley Spencer

Senior Bailay Byrd takes a moment to color at the swim state championship earlier this year.

Coloring books are no longer just for kids. Now there are books that include intricate designs for teens and adults to color, including books that have animals, various patterns or even mandalas or a circular pattern that usually resembles a flower.

However, these books aren’t just for fun-they have a scientific purpose as well. It is proven that when one is concentrating on picking out the colors and coloring in between the lines of the small shapes, they are improving their focus.

“Coloring the intricate details cause me to focus on exactly what I’m coloring. It causes me to tune out what’s around me somehow and see how the small piece I’m coloring will fit into the big picture,” senior Ashley Turner said. “My busy thoughts that fill up my head momentarily subside and my mind only focuses on coloring inside the lines.”

In addition to helping one’s focus, coloring can also help relieve stress and be of use for relaxation. Having such deep concentration takes one’s mind off the busy ways of everyday life.

“I guess personally it just takes my mind off of things for a while because I’m concentrating on staying in the lines,” junior Camden Crittenden said.

When somebody is stressing about work or school, putting on some music and sitting down with a coloring book is a great way to relax and forget about everything for a little while.

“As detailed as some of the coloring books are, they’re a great stress reliever because they make a fun distraction,” sophomore Hannah Strong said.

If not just for beneficial purposes, coloring is a fun and distracting hobby for people who have a lot of time on their hands.

If interested, these books can be found in stores such as Barnes and Noble, Target and Michael’s. They can also be ordered online from various websites such as Amazon.