College Fair will be beneficial to students

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College Fair will be beneficial to students

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On Monday, Sept. 24, Broken Arrow is hosting a college fair in which colleges from different states and counties are going to be giving students information about what courses they offer and what their schools are like. This gives students the opportunity to gain an idea about what college they want to go to or what they would like to study in college. Nathan Bompuku is one of the many students going to the fair.

“I am going to the college fair to learn about colleges and what they have to offer,” Bompuku said. “I am hoping to talk to four colleges: Oral Roberts University, University of Tulsa, University of Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State University.”

Kristen Carr, the Lead College and Career Counselor, is helping to organize the college fair.

“There will be between 60-70 different colleges at our College Fair,” Carr said. “Some will be in-state, and some will be out-of-state.”

Senior Tionne Fultz is also going to the college fair to see what she can learn about the colleges there and what they offer.

“I’m going to learn about what colleges have good engineering programs because that’s what I’m wanting to go to college for, but I’m mostly going to ask about what scholarships different places have to offer because college is expensive,” Fultz said. “I also hope to learn what college will be the best fit for me.”

The college fair presents the chance for students to engage themselves with colleges and universities and to gain knowledge of what those colleges and universities have to offer.

“Students can look forward to opening their eyes to the many options they have in higher education after high school,” Carr said. “They will have access to information about the college campuses, applications, scholarships, and more.”

The College Fair is on Monday, Sept. 24, from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. in the grand lobby of Broken Arrow High School. Any students are welcome to come and talk to all of the colleges that will be represented.

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