Chromebook coaches are all around us


Ashley Spencer

Seniors are struggling to learn about all of the Google tools offered on their new Chromebooks, but the new sophomores are willing to teach.

Broken Arrow High School’s newest sophomores take up an interesting job along with moving up a grade; Chromebook coaches.  Canvas is an online program that connects every student to every class they attend. It opens up more opportunities for teachers in assigning homework and grading previous assignments, as well as allows parents to see their student’s assignments and what the student turned in.

Sophomores have begun aiding juniors, seniors and teachers alike with Chromebooks and Canvas since they used them in the test run of their freshman year.

“Teaching teachers, seniors, and juniors isn’t bad,” sophomore Payton Shreve said. “The seniors and juniors usually ask the teacher, and the teachers ask a lot about using Canvas.”

With the high school’s new education program, Canvas, teachers were unprepared to transfer their classes into the online school. The teachers didn’t quite understand the use of the Chromebooks but the sophomores were quick to offer help.

“It’s great having sophomore students who have experience with Canvas,” Language teacher Shelley Mashburn said. “I’ve had one of them help me upload a document to submit an assignment. At least once a week they teach me something new and fix a mistake I made.”

The teachers weren’t the only ones with the new device introduced to them. Seniors and juniors were given Chromebooks this year to keep track of their assignments and gain access to Canvas in their classes and at home.

“The sophomores helped me figure out how to use my Google drive and how to turn in my homework,” senior Gracie Basinger said.

So far the first few weeks of school have been a learning period for students and staff alike, and with the sophomores teaching fellow classmates and teachers classes have begun running smoothly again.