Christmas before Thanksgiving?

Christmas before Thanksgiving?

Every year the Christmas season starts sooner and sooner. Although Christmas isn’t until the end of December, it seems as though on Nov. 1, the day right after Halloween, people are already putting up Christmas decorations or are wearing Christmas sweaters.

Although many people start celebrating early, some people see celebrating this early as a problem not only because it’s not even December yet, but also because Thanksgiving hasn’t even passed by yet.

“I don’t think we should celebrate Christmas this early,” senior Hunter Huebert said. “I think we should at least wait until after Thanksgiving to break out the sweaters, lights and trees.”

Thanksgiving can sometimes be overlooked, as it is stuck right in between two large holidays such as Halloween and Christmas. People generally go straight from costumes, candy and scary movies, straight to christmas sweaters, presents and hallmark movies.

“In my eyes it’s completely unacceptable to put stuff up before turkey day,” senior Corey Austin said. “I think Thanksgiving deserves its fair share of time to be celebrated.”

Others, however, feel that celebrating before Thanksgiving is totally acceptable. They see Christmas as more than just the sweaters and lights, and believe it should and can be celebrated all the time.

“I am perfectly okay with people celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving because I celebrate all year,” senior Gracie Basinger said. “Christmas is supposed to be about Jesus and not about presents or mistletoe so I don’t see a problem with celebrating it every day.”

The feud over whether Christmas can be celebrated this early has been going on for a long time, and most likely will continue for many years.

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