Carving up good grades– Students create pumpkin art


Ashley Spencer

Sophomore Alex Ryan created this pumpkin, inspired by the Cheshire Cat.

Pre-AP 10th grade English classes taught by Mrs. Heckler, Mrs. Swisher and Mrs. Phillips were given the opportunity to paint or carve pumpkins for extra credit as part of a contest.

The students were told to choose any author or literary character that inspired them. This assignment was given to tie together the literary world and Halloween.

“I chose the Cheshire Cat because he reminds me of Halloween,” sophomore Alex Ryan said. “The process of painting the Cheshire cat was long and tedious because I had to scrape out all of the purple parts of the pumpkin before I could paint him.”

Over forty students participated in this pumpkin contest. The pumpkins ranged from classics like Medusa and Edgar Allen Poe to newer literary favorites like Dobby the Elf from Harry Potter and The Lorax.

“I chose to paint The Lorax because he is my favorite Dr. Seuss character,” sophomore Bre Sheperd said. “Not only is he cute, but he also stands for something.”

Various teachers helped judge the contest, and by the end of the day the pumpkin carving/painting winners were chosen. The winners for the painted section included The Cat in the Hat, The Three Little Pigs, and The Cheshire Cat. Winners for the carved section were Cinderella, Raven and Dracula.