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Broken Arrow students make an impact at the blood drive

Ryli Brassfield donates blood

Ryli Brassfield donates blood

Ryli Brassfield donates blood

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The first of two blood drives held at BAHS this year took place on Thursday Oct. 26. Students headed to the auxiliary gym to donate blood to the Red Cross all day.

Donating blood at the school is an easy convenient way to make a difference that many students take part in every year. Senior Ryli Brassfield donated last year and decided to do the same this year.

“I donate blood because I love making a difference, and it’s just a small way I can help someone,” Brassfield said “plus having it at the school makes it super easy to donate.”

Senior Cameron Heil donated blood this year because he had an opportunity to help someone and believes his donated blood could be what saves a life. He is encouraging everyone to participate in the next blood drive.

“I would tell someone who is unsure about donating that the process is very quick and painless,” Heil said “it could have the potential to save someone’s life or help someone like my father get the blood transfusions they need.”

Senior Bailey Stover was inspired to donate blood because they have kept her grandmother alive and she wants to be able to do the same for someone else.

“I donate blood because blood donations saved my grandmother’s life,” Stover said “and if I can save someone’s life by sitting down for 15 minutes and going through a relatively painless process, then I’ll do it as often as I can.”

A free T-Shirt, snacks, and a reason to skip class are provided to anyone who donates blood to Red Cross. If you missed the blood drive on Oct. 26 there will be another opportunity later on in the school year. If you did donate, make sure you attend the next one as well because 15 minutes of your time could change someone’s life forever.

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Broken Arrow students make an impact at the blood drive