Being barefoot is better


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The human foot is perfectly capable of running or walking without shoes. Many years ago no one had shoes, they were man made, so before shoes everyone was barefoot. What’s the problem with being barefoot today? Shoes can cause many problems to the foot, including athlete’s foot and bunions.

“I believe that shoes are unhealthy. They generally cause more problems than they solve, by encouraging an unnatural gait (causing joint problems), promoting bacterial and fungal growth, and creating blisters and corns,” Online blogger, Kathleen Quiring said.

Not wearing shoes could honestly be a healthier and better life style. Multiple people at Broken Arrow have stopped wearing shoes for a free spirit life. One of these students is senior, Dani Perez.

“I like to be barefoot because I enjoy nature. I love the feeling of walking through grass and the heat or coldness of the cement,” Perez said.

Other people simply don’t want to wear shoes because they don’t like them. Shoes can make or break an outfit, but if they weren’t worn then there wouldn’t be any worry about that. Senior Ashley Bivins walks around barefoot almost everywhere.

“I hate the way shoes feel on my feet, I just don’t like wearing them. Sometimes I’m too busy or in a rush to put them on or they don’t look good with what I’m wearing,” Bivins said.

Walking around barefoot also has its advantages. Not wearing shoes can make a person more stable. After being barefoot, people have said they are less clumsy and tend to not stub their toes or fall off of things as often. Also, not wearing shoes means not buying shoes. As a result,there is more money for things that people value more like a fancy dinner, a night out or a new pair of jeans you’ve been wanting.

Although being barefoot sounds disgusting and weird, it has more of a purpose then people think. Not wearing shoes could save money, connect you to the environment and all around make people better.