Baseball raises money for Bartlesville coach


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Dressed as the Sandlot crew, baseball players pose for a photo.

The baseball fundraiser is a special tradition for each Halloween. The baseball and softball players dress up in costumes while hitting home runs, raising money, and having contests.

Senior CJ Suddath said, “My favorite part of the fundraiser is the spirit of the game and getting to see all of the costumes.”

The baseball and softball teams gathered together on Halloween to play a friendly game and compete with their costumes at the end.

Junior Jacob Simpson said, “the costume contest is the best, it’s so funny to see everyone dressed up.”

Everyone gathered around in their humorous costumes. There was Forest Gump, Bob Ross, and the Sandlot characters.

Senior Cole White said, “We all get to dress up as goofy things and it’s fun to laugh at.”

The Halloween game is a fundraiser for their program. This year, they donated the money to Spence Rigdon, the Bartlesville baseball coach who was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer.

“It’s really fun to watch this event. The kids are very creative and go all out on their costumes. It was even more special this year because we did it for such a great cause.” SHANNON DOBSON BASEBALL COACH

Unfortunately, Tuesday, November 5th Spence Rigdon passed away. His funeral was held Saturday, November 9th.

“The fundraiser is normally set to raise money for their program, this year we donated to the Bartlesville baseball coach,” Dobson said.

Everyone gathered around for the game. The laughs were outrageous when the costumes were put into action.

“Baseball is an amazing sport, it challenges you in many ways and makes you a better person. Junior Chase Weber said, Being said, it’s a love-hate relationship.” 

Now you can watch the Broken Arrow Baseball team as February rolls around for the Baseball season.