Artist Spotlight: Sonja Truong


Ashley Spencer

Senior Sonja Truong works on a watercolor piece in Mrs. Jennifer Deal’s art class.

Senior Sonja Truong is sure to leave her mark on Broken Arrow through her creativity and friendly personality.

Truong is a Danish foreign exchange student at Broken Arrow High School this year and has been a big part of the school’s art program. Truong brings a new perspective to the art room and enjoys interacting with other artists.

“I like art a lot and I’m very happy that I’ve been able to create art in the U.S. too,” Truong said. “In Denmark I was in art and was able to do a lot of creative things in and outside of school.”

Truong is well-known around the school for her outgoing and fun-loving personality. She has also been a part of the BAHS yearbook staff, and teacher Ashley Spencer will miss her presence next year.

“Sonja is so sweet and has never met a stranger,” Spencer said. “She walked right into the yearbook room and is always surrounded by friends. She is an inspiration to all of my students.”

BAHS is participating in the 2016 Vans Custom Culture competition and Truong was selected as one of four art students to create a design for the contest. Art teacher Jennifer Deal has had Truong in both her Art II and III classes this year.

“Every piece of art she has created this year has been over-the-top amazing,” Deal said. “She spends hours working to create meticulous and detailed visual jewels. She has been an awe-inspiring joy to have in class this year and I will so miss her when she goes back home.”

Truong will continue to create art once she returns to Denmark but will always remember her experiences in America in and out of art class. She has a bright future ahead of her and plans to make the best of her creative talents in a future career.