AirPods Take Headphones to a New Level


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AirPods have surged to the top, being one of the most popular headphones in the past few months.

Apple’s AirPods have been coming increasingly popular in the past few months, with many students and athletes using them in their daily life. Their Bluetooth accessibility allows users to wear them practically anywhere without the disturbance of cords getting in the way. Senior Connor Herzberg recently bought his AirPods and loves all the features they include.

“My favorite part of AirPods is their Bluetooth feature,” Herzberg said. “Being able to have them connected to my phone without needing to plug them in and have the wire in the way is a nice feature.”

AirPods provide a five-hour battery life on one charge and can last up to 24 hours with its charging case. With just a charge of 15 minutes, AirPods can last up to three hours. Sophomore Connor Strickland likes the versatility AirPods provide that normal headphones can’t.  

“I can charge my phone and listen to things at the same time,” Strickland said. “They are wireless, which makes them better than regular headphones in my opinion.”

Senior Jacob Carden also owns a pair of AirPods and enjoys the higher quality sounds that they produce, unlike other pairs of headphones. When listening to music, users can double-tap the side of the AirPods to change or pause/play the song, and they also feature the use of Siri and have accessibility to a microphone if users need to make a phone call.

“I love the immersive experience of the music as it surrounds me,” Carden said. “AirPods will bring a level of comfort and prestige to anyone wearing them.”

AirPods are made by Apple and are available for purchase at most retail and electronic stores. They range from $159.99 to $199.99 depending on if you would like the wireless charging case.