Aerobics Helps With Empty Bowls


Ashley Spencer

Teacher Mary Fowler works with her aerobics students to make bowls for the upcoming Empty Bowls event, which benefits Broken Arrow Neighbors.

Friday Nov. 6, 42 aerobics students helped  the art students with the fundraiser called Empty Bowls that is coming on Nov. 17 at 7 p.m. in the cafeteria. Art teacher, Mrs. Jennifer Deal actually learned this idea from a conference. Empty Bowls has been going on for 10 years. Many students believe that this was a positive way to help defeat Hunger in BA.

Senior Ally Martinez said, “Helping makes me feel important, like I can make a difference.”

The aerobics students were making bowls called baby bowls, which gave an opportunity for the students to learn that something as little as a baby bowl can still help with hunger. The baby bowls are not as time consuming as the regular bowls that the art students made for the event, and the aerobics students’ bowls will be showcased with the art students’ bowls in the cafeteria.

Junior Gabriela Garcia said, “This is a good way to help with hunger, because every time someone sees their bowl it reminds them everyone isn’t as fortunate as them, and it will make students want to help.”

On Monday, Nov. 9 the aerobic students researched what the different signs were to hunger physically, and mentally, how that hunger eats away at your muscles, and how it effects your brain. Aerobics teacher Mary Fowler coordinated to help the students learn about hunger, helping others, and opportunities for them to volunteer.

“Even if the students don’t go to Empty Bowls, hopeful this will give something for the students to talk about,” Fowler said.

Fowler suggests that students can be more involved and help the cause too by tweeting or using any other social apps to help spread about the news about helping with fighting hunger.