Administrative professionals make life easier

Ms. Bonnie Stout performs her duties as an administrative assistant in the A building.

Administrative professionals, or secretaries, as they are more commonly referred, are an integral part of the multi-geared system of which modern life rests in the balance. They often have well-developed service characteristics that help them handle any questions that the students or staff may have.

“I wanted to be an assistant because it can be such a diverse job with so many different aspects,” A-office admin Ms. Bonnie Stout said.

Stout has had experience not only as an office assistant, but also a principal’s secretary at Oliver for seven years, which gave her the opportunity to see many different viewpoints of the school system. Ms. Joni Miller has had fourteen years of experience at NIHS as well as BAHS and wanted to become an assistant in order to have the same schedule as her children.

“Being organized, consistent and a people person are necessary skills for administrative assistants,” Stout said.

Miller, also located in office A, agrees that organization and being successful with multitasking are important attributes.

“The people I work with and the students that I have contact with are my favorite things about this job,” Miller said.

Keeping track of over 3,000 students would be tricky for anyone, but the administrative assistants at the high school succeed with ease.

“The hardest part of my job is the volume of students,” Miller said.

Administrative assistants are responsible for coding absences, inputting attendance, and recording late arrivals or early dismissals. All of these duties help to keep records up to date and impact transcripts, testing, and finals.

All kinds of people, from businessmen to school principals, need help with their work, so they have administrative assistants to turn to for the tasks and responsibilities that they cannot tend to in their daily schedules. These men and women are very important to the continuing modern age, and will continue to be far into the future.