A classic holiday movie got a recent new twist


Christmas movie lovers recently got to see a new twist on a class holiday movie. The new “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” was released Nov. 9 and is an animated production, instead of a live action movie like the Jim Carrey version. There is another one that was produced in 1996, which is the original. The overall plot of the movies are very similar, but the newest version shows more of Cindy-Lou Who and her adventures with her friends.

Unlike the Jim Carrey version, the voice of the Grinch is Benedict Cumberbatch and Cameron Steely is the voice of Cindy-Lou Who. Many other characters are the still included, the voices of the characters are just different. The movie also includes a few additional characters that are Cindy-Lou’s friends.

The new movie is better because the Grinch is not as scary as the original; his demeanor is the same, but his physical appearance is not as frightening for children. Many kids might not have ever seen the original because of that reason, and the new one is much more cartoon-like for younger kids.

The older one does a good job of depicting him as a bad guy and a monster, so when his heart changes it is more believable. The newer one depicts the Grinch as mean, but he doesn’t look the part, so I think he doesn’t seem as scary.

Viewers will appreciate that the producers kept the plot the same. This movie is a classic and shouldn’t be changed because there is nothing else out there quite like it. There are numerous holiday movies about families that are all cheery, and we never get the chance to see the other side of the holiday.

The community of Whoville is a huge group of families that love and care for one another. That image of community makes the Grinch mad because he has never had that. Both movies do a great job displaying that by creating them as very different people, not only by their looks but by their personalities and traditions as well.

This story teaches kids that being nice to people is very important because you never know what they are going through, especially during the holiday season. Some people struggle during the holidays because they have lost loved ones or they have money problems. The holidays are supposed to make people happy, and sometimes that is not the case, so “The Grinch” is a good movie to display that.