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The Pulse: Season 3, Episode 4

The Pulse is back for the forth time this year bringing you more of the best stories that Broken Arrow High School has to offer! Check out the rundown of the new episode below. 0-:41 intro 0:49-3:28 - Beauty and The Beast Auditions 3:29-6:06 - Special Education Gives Back 6:07-8:59 - Yearbook Spotlight 9:00-11:41- Senior Football Recap 11:42-12:30 - outro

Mandatory Mondays

AV Student Documentary: Maria

Moving to a different country for nine months can be a daunting challenge. But not for Maria Franceschina. This documentary was created by fifth hour documentary...  Read More »

AV Student Documentary: One Act Play

A OneAct play is a competitive show that must be set up, performed, and torn down all within 45 minutes. This documentary by Brianna McGhee and Jacob Bosch...  Read More »

AV Student Documentary: A Model Life.

Multitalented Broken Arrow High School student, Marissa Long, has plenty to do in her life between modeling, dance, and school. This student produced documentary...  Read More »

AV Student Documentary: DJ BeeAyy

Jacob Warden, or DJ BeeAyy, is a senior and a producer from Broken Arrow High School. This documentary is about his struggle with getting himself out there...  Read More »

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TigerTV: Baseball 101

Welcome back to episode two of Sports 101 where Noah, Micah, Gabe, and Rielle teach you everything you need to know about baseball!

TigerTV: 5 Stages Of Grief

Have you ever lost your headphones? This girl knows how you feel. Follow Rylee in the search for her wellbeing and headphones in Tiger TV's 5 Stages of...  Read More »

TigerTV: Don’t Laugh

Have you ever heard a joke that you didn't know the meaning to but told anyways? Moral of the story: don't. (All voiceovers- Italian Jaron or otherwise-...  Read More »

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BAHSPulse: Senior Football Recap

Football season is over and this years team will be losing several players who were vital to the team's success over the past few seasons. Several students in our sports media put together...  Read More »

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Tiger buzzer beater yields overtime win

Tiger buzzer beater yields overtime win

Hunter Grim, Pulse Writer

With basketball season getting closer to the playoffs every single day, every game counts. The Tigers hosted the rival Union Redskins last Friday night at the Tiger Fieldhouse. The...  Read More »

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Freezin’ for a real reason

Freezin’ for a real reason

Bailey Hill, Pulse Writer

The second annual Freezin' for a Reason took place at Forest Ridge Swim and Tennis Center on January 25th, 2017. It was a chilly 45 degrees outside, and the water was roughly 40 de...  Read More »

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Tiger Sports Report: Season 2, Episode 2

The Tiger Sports Report is back with our second episode of the 2016-17 school year. TSR is a student produced show, with each segment shot and edited ...  Read More »

Tiger Sports Report: Season 2, Episode 1

Check out the all new student produced show about BAHS Athletics. The Tiger Sports Report recaps the seasons for Cheer, Softball, Cross Country, Volleyball...  Read More »

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The Making of the 2016 Football Intro Video

Take a behind the scenes look at the making of this years Football intro video.

2016 BAHS Football Intro Video

Check out the ArrowVision produced 2016 Broken Arrow High School Football Intro video!

of Broken Arrow High School
of Broken Arrow High School