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The Pulse: Season 3, Episode 2

The Pulse is back with our second episode of the 2016-17 school year.

Seniors choose senior favorites

Seniors choose senior favorites

Ally Coldwell, Pulse Editor

Every year the seniors of Broken Arrow High School vote for their class favorites. The polls were open Oct. 25 and 26 and the students have decided a  senior quote, a sen...  Read More »

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Miller Godwin is louder than a bomb

Miller Godwin is louder than a bomb

Cloey Patton, Pulse Writer

Senior Miller Godwin first performed a spoken word piece at Mr. BA in his junior year. He has continued his poetic growth throughout creative writing courses and performing...  Read More »

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Leadership retreat promotes positivity

Leadership retreat promotes positivity

Ally Coldwell and Gracelyn Basinger

The third annual Leadership Retreat was held at Dry Gulch USA on Oct. 1-2. Over 200 students attended as well as around 25 teachers. “The experience inspired all of us to want...  Read More »

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2016 BAHS Football Intro Video

Check out the ArrowVision produced 2016 Broken Arrow High School Football Intro video!

2015 BAHS Lip Dub

Watch the video called "the lip dub to end all lip dubs," by USA Today and "The most epic lip dub video of all time." by Seventeen.

Behind the scenes of the 2015 BAHS Lip Dub

Take a closer look at the 2015 BAHS Lip Dub video with NEW interviews, behind the scenes footage and more! This new version was specially produced for the BAHS Graduation pre-show by ArrowVision. BAHS Principal Liz Burns, and students Maddie Riggin, Devon Johnson, Samuel Akem and Brendon Franklin provide new interviews.

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